Banks & credit intermediaries

Banks are the optimal contact when it comes to a Loan. Often banks have different loans in their portfolio and thus offer the right loan product for every purpose.

The different bank loans

Anyone who wants to take out a loan from a credit institution will quickly discover that various credit products are offered. For example, prospective borrowers can obtain instalment loans from a credit institution that can be used at will for various consumer goods. In addition, banks often offer loans that are tied to a specific purpose. Loans tied to a specific purpose include, for example, car loans and real estate loans.

Prospective borrowers should note that bank loans are granted at different conditions. Often the loan amounts and the terms differ from provider to provider. At netbank AG, loan amounts between € 1,000 and € 50,000 and terms between 6 and 84 months are possible. In comparison, CreditPlus Bank offers prospective borrowers the possibility to choose a loan amount between € 2,000 and € 70,000. The minimum term of CreditPlus Bank is 12 months, the maximum term is 84 months, as is the case with netbank AG.

In addition, banks also offer their loan products at different interest rates. If you want to find a loan that fits your needs exactly, you should definitely make a loan comparison.

Compare loans conveniently online

Every bank offers its loans at different conditions. Ideally, loan seekers compare the offers of the banks, compare the loan interest rates and get a personal offer if the interest rate depends on the creditworthiness. A loan comparison can be made free of charge at any time here on

The conditions for a bank loan

As a rule, all banks impose certain conditions when they grant a loan. Most banks grant their loans primarily to people who have a permanent employment relationship with a regular, sufficiently high income. A positive Schufa report is also often one of the conditions for a bank loan.

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