Kredit-Ratgeber: Umschuldung

Debt rescheduling is recommended when the creditors are getting tougher and tougher, do not agree to a settlement and you fear that the debt could lead to serious problems. Such a debt restructuring requires a loan that is taken out with a new bank in order to settle the current debt immediately. The interest rate can be quite high, but you pay back the debt in instalments that you can better afford each month.

What is debt restructuring?

Debt rescheduling is a loan that you take out in order to be able to pay off current debts in one go. The loan is taken out in the amount of the debt and transferred either directly by the bank or by the debtor to the creditors whose claims are settled with it. Subsequently, the debt is repaid to the bank that took out the loan and granted the necessary credit.

In addition to the loan amount itself, there is also the interest, which can be higher than with a regular loan. However, a debt rescheduling usually pays off despite the interest, as it allows you to get rid of the problems with impatient creditors quickly and easily and to repay the debt in peace without being deterred by further problems.

Debt rescheduling, yes or no?

Due to the interest rate, a debt restructuring naturally entails further costs, but these are often worth it. By comparing offers, you can come across particularly attractive providers who offer more pleasant conditions than others and thus make the debt rescheduling profitable after all. Above all, from then on you only pay one creditor and don’t have to constantly worry about a settlement or another solution with many different creditors, which could quickly make you lose track of everything.

At the latest when comparing the different offers, you will realise that there are many attractive offers with which you will also be satisfied in the long run. After all, a debt rescheduling usually runs for several years - depending, of course, on the loan amount in question. Counselling is important in any case: the debtor should sit down with a bank counsellor to talk about the individual situation and the current debts before deciding for or against the offer.

Clarification about the new conditions at which the debt is now to be paid is important for a realistic assessment of the ability to repay the debt, otherwise there will only be new problems.

The best providers in comparison